Shi Da Sha Shou

Shi Da Sha Shou

I have watched this movie once again today and this movie is really amazing. No finer movie has ever been created in action category, and it is now for free on this website to watch. I know it gets a lot of stick for that it is the mainstream popular movie for pleb, but honestly I can not think of anything wrong when watching Shi Da Sha Shou Shi Da Sha Shou filled me with difficult to explain energy got me so immersed in it. Actors gave great performance also the story is cool. For me it is very undervalued movie. ...Seriously, I want to watch this movie online again. It was absolutely good! I couldn't believe such a big website has no Shi Da Sha Shou in their database, I added it now everyone can watch this movie here for free. Next few hours will be amazing adventure for you, so relax and watch.

Genre: Action, Drama

Actors: Lik Cheung, Yeh Fang, Chi-ying Chu

Directors: Yeh Fang

Country: Hong Kong

Quality: HD

Release: 1977

IMDb: 6,5

Duration: 84 min

Views: 77